“Hi Ms Lisa,

Logan truly loves being at We R Family. We couldn’t be happier with our choice of enrollment at your daycare.”


“When I dropped Jamell off at Daycare, Mrs. Lisa was having another child named Carissa, who is 2 years old, show me how to say “Good morning” in sign language. After Carissa showed me, Mrs. Lisa said “Jamell can do it too.” After knowing this, I asked if Mrs. Lisa could show Jamell how to say “milk” in sign language because he cries when he wants his bottle. Well… low and behold I heard someone say “milk” and to my surprise it wasn’t Carissa. It was my 12 month old son Jamell! My baby is saying words. I just wanted to cry.”

“I’m glad you enjoy James. I am so happy with him being there with you (and your adorable boys) and the staff. James is a happy baby and I feel safe and comfortable when he is with you.”

– Amy Resnikoff-DeBerry

“Thank you for today! Carmine appeared a little disappointment to see me which mean he must of had a good time. Lol.”

– Barbara

“I am very happy to have my son at We-R-Family daycare. Ever since he started going there he just seems so happy to be around the children and already started walking! I enjoy how much the teachers there take care of each child and they all seem like one big family with all the children there. I particularly love the emails and daily reports that get sent for me to see what activities he was doing and how his mood was, what he ate, and how many diaper changes throughout the day. It is very affordable for me unlike other daycares that won’t work with someone’s crazy schedule.”

– Ursula

“I am very pleased with this day care and how my daughter is treated and taken care of while I’m not around. The fact that it took me so long to finally place my daughter in daycare, I am happy with my decision. Ma’Kailah has advanced and learned so much since she started attending school.”

– RaSheedah DeWalt

“We-R-Family Childcare Services has provided a safe, loving, and comfortable environment for my 3-yr old daughter and 2-yr old son, since January. The outcome of admitting my children in We-R-Family Childcare has been very rewarding. My daughter, Gabriella, wakes up bright and early every morning in hopes that she is going to school that day. The thought of knowing that your child is excited and enthusiastic about attending school brings nothing but security and confidence for any parent. This is how We-R-Family makes me and my bundles of joy feel, but there’s more…

The daycare not only offers a secure place for my children to stay while I’m away, but also, administers preparatory lessons and activities that strengthen the skills they need for preschool/kindergarten. Some of these skills include social skills, literacy, colors and shapes recognition, numbers, science, music, hygiene training, group play, and respect for others. It’s comforting to know that my children are being educated and making friends rather than watching television all day.

What I find most important in We-R-Family Childcare is the open communication between the staff and parents. Communication is key. The staff provides me with daily reports that include: the meals that were offered, the social and academic skills that were taught, the moods that my children were in, and any milestones they have achieved. The daily reports help me understand my children’s strengths and weaknesses and what I need to do, as a parent, to help them build on their skills. I receive email updates on field trips and outdoor activities that We-R-Family is offering. I can also email, phone, or meet with Mrs. Lisa, owner/director of We-R-Family, or the staff with any concerns or questions, at my convenience. We-R-Family Childcare has brought a wonderful experience for me and my family and I highly recommend it to any parent who is seeking childcare. There is no doubt in my mind that my children belong there and are happy with their experience.”

– Felicia Duran, mother of Gabriella and Maceo

“My daughter has been in the care of We-R-Family Childcare since she was 9 months old and I can honestly say that Ms. Lisa & Mom-Mom Betty were very patient with me as a new Mom. The teaching that my daughter receives is very stimulating, she loves to read & learn. She gets quality care & attention from the entire staff there. She smiles every morning when I ask her is she ready to go see Ms. Lisa and that makes my days at work a whole lot easier knowing she is in good care & happy. I truly appreciate all that We-R-Family does for my precious gem. I believe she gets more attention here than she would in a larger daycare facility. I highly recommend We-R-Family daycare to other interested parents that want their child in a loving and safe home environment.”

– L. Wingard (Mother of 18 month old)